Photo thanks to Fabrica Brighton

"Flautist Yu-Wei Hu was sublime and her handling of Gluck and Paganini, accompanied sensitively by guitarist Johan Löfving, was my personal highlight..."

- Tom Rhodes, Early Music Today Vol. 21, Dec 2012-Feb 2013

"...attractive and surprisingly effective.... "

- Robert Hugill, Classical Music Blog, 2013

"...Young artists Flauguissimo Duo shine at IGF Guitar Summit. They gave a fine performance that held our attention throughout."

- Theresa Wassily Saba, Classical Guitar, 2015

"A rarely heard combination of instruments with good historical pedigree...Lively, distinctive playing...."

- National Centre for Early Music, 2017

“....With magical playing from (Johan) Löfving, the salon atmosphere created could be coming from the pages of Thackeray’s Vanity Fair itself....This album is a joy to listen to from start to finish.”

- TP, Classical Guitar Magazine, 2019

“...exquisite musicianship and charming presentation. The audience was captivated and full of praise for a delightful evening.”

- Susan Goldsbrough, Artist Director, Rippon International Festival 2019

“Pure charm.”

- This is classical guitar, 2019

“...a sublime musical experience.... excellent arrangements and virtuosic period guitar solos....”

- Bradford Werner, This is Classical Guitar, 2019

“An engagingly intimate programme for the salon, combining lyricism, melody and virtuosity in a way designed for more personal listening.”

- Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill, 2019

"...a fine sensitivity to the style of the period with its subtle use of flexible tempos and rhetorical gestures."

- Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Reviews, 2019