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27 January 2023  1.10pm
Brunel University London Lunchtime Concert
In partnership with Northern Star Festival
with Emily Atkinson (soprano)

6 March, 12.00am
Wermland Early Music Festival
"Pop-up Baroque Lunchtime Concert" at Årjäng  Library

9 March, 5.30pm
Wermland Early Music Festival
"Family Concert" at Arvika Library
With Mime Brinkmann (cello)

10 March, 6.00pm
Wermland Early Music Festival
"Concert Spirituel"
Rackstad Museum
Flauguissimo with Lucy Rusell (violin), Mime Brinkmann (cello & viola da gamba) and Masumi Yamamoto (harpsichord)

8 September, 7.30pm
Kings Lynn Town Hall
"To the Northern Star" Album Launch Tour
In partnership with charity Classical Music Rocks


14 January
Flauguissimo Duo Education Day in West Norfolk
with Classical Music Rocks

20 February, 6.00pm
Northern Star Festival
“Beyond the Northern Star”
with Masumi Yamamoto (harpsichord)

10-13 March
Wermland Early Music Festival
Concerts & Master classes
in partnership with Musikhögskolan Ingesund, Karlstad University. Sweden

17 June  7.30pm
Waltham Forest Music Society
Ensemble concert with Olwen Foulkes (recorder) & Kate Conway (viola da gamba)

26 June
3pm Flauguissimo Duo Recital
6pm Flauguissimo Duo with Emily Owen (soprano)

5 July
Live Music Now
Outreach concert at Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton

6 July
Live Music Now
Outreach concert at Eleanor Hospice Kent

8 October 7.00pm
Northern Star Festival
'The Queen without a Realm'
Swedish Church London

4 November
Classical Music Rocks
Flauguissimo Duo Education Day in West Norfolk

9 November  4.00pm
Live Music Now
Flauguissimo Duo Recital
Nightingale House Wandsworth, London

22 November  7.00pm
Spelrum Chamber Music Society in Falun,  Sweden
Flauguissimo Duo Recital

23 November  12.00pm
Södra Latins Gymnasium, Stockholm Sweden
Early flute & Plucked Strings Class 

7 December 6.00pm

The Museum of Methodism & John Wesley's House

Online Concerts

During 2020 most concerts have been either cancelled or postponed to next year due to coronavirus pandemic, we have been performing Flauguissimo Duo at Home live stream concerts series on Flauguissimo Duo Facebook page and many other festival platforms.



21 June - "Midsummer Delights"

5 July - "Curved Lines ‘Gainst Square Glass" mini theorbo recital 

19 July - "A Swedish Virtuoso in London"

2 August - "Back to Bach - Master of Melody" part of "Back to Bach" series on Oxford Bach Soloists YouTube channel. Watch it here.

16 August - "Les Goûts-reuinis", part of Stroud Green Festival online 

30 August - "Fandango!" romantic guitar recital  

9 October  - "British and French Gardens", part of Brunel University London Lunchtime Concert Series Online. Watch here.

18 October - "A Glimpse of Earthly Delights", part of Northern Star Festival 2021 Online. Watch it here.

21 October - "A Swedish Virtuoso in London", part of Esher Church Lunchtime Concert Series


11 April - "In a Princess' Salon" romantic guitar recital

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