To the Northern Star 

Johan Helmich Roman: Chamber Works for Flute

Yu-Wei Hu (flute)

Emily Atkinson (soprano)
Magdalena Loth-Hill (violin)
Henrik Persson (viola da gamba)
Johan Löfving (theorbo & guitar)

Flauguissimo duo, Yu-Wei Hu and Johan Löfving are joined by violinist Magdalena Loth-Hill, soprano Emily Atkinson, and viola da gamba player Henrik Persson for this recording of eighteenth-century sonatas, arias and trios by Johan Helmich Roman. Frequently hailed by later historians as the Father of Swedish Music, Roman started his career at the Royal Chapel of the Swedish Court, and also spent time studying and performing in London, where it is thought he received lessons in composition from Handel and Pepusch. This album features three contrasting sonatas, two arias from the composer’s cantatas containing flute obbligato parts, and an arrangement of a trio sonata in E minor, evoking a court salon concert in early eighteenth-century Stockholm.

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"Emily Atkinson, who has a lovely voice, and delivers stylish performances, with some fine ornamentation. The instrumental parts also receive splendid performances. Yu-Wei Hu’s play is differentiated, dynamically as well as in colour and tempo. ...Löfving’s realisation of the bass part is spot-on....It is one of those recordings that attest to the quality of the oeuvre of the composer, and make one want to hear more. It is a perfect case for a relatively little-known master."
Johan van Veen, Music Web International

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Release date: 21 April 2023 

A Salon Opera

Flauguissimo Duo - Yu-Wei Hu (fute) & Johan Löfving (guitar)

Period flute and guitar ensemble Flauguissimo Duo make their Resonus debut with this unique programme of works for flute and guitar, A Salon Opera.

Taking its inspiration from the Viennese salon music from the first half of the nineteenth century, when the music of the concert hall and opera was routinely brought into a more domestic setting, the Duo takes us on a journey through the rich repertoire both composed and arranged for the flute and guitar.

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“With magical playing from (Johan) Löfving, the salon atmosphere created could be coming from the pages of Thackeray’s Vanity Fair itself....This album is a joy to listen to from start to finish.”
TP, Classical Guitar Magazine

“...a sublime musical experience .... excellent arrangements and virtuosic period guitar solos....”
Bradford Werner, This is Classical Guitar

“An engagingly intimate programme for the salon, combining lyricism, melody and virtuosity in a way designed for more personal listening.”
Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

"...a fine sensitivity to the style of the period with its subtle use of flexible tempos and rhetorical gestures."
Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Reviews

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Music for Solo Guitar and String Quartet

Johan Löfving (guitar), Consone Quartet

Swedish-born guitar virtuoso Johan Löfving returns to Resonus Classics to record his debut solo album with a programme of works for both solo guitar and guitar with string quartet.

Joined by the Consone Quartet, and castanet player Nanako Aramaki, for Boccherinl’s fourth guitar quintet, Löfving presents a compelling selection of Romantic guitar repertoire framed by two fandango movements that show the influence of Spanish folk music, an idiom so intimately connected with this medium. With this recital of works from across Europe, the considerable reach and versatility of the guitar is on full display with music from the height of the instrument’s popularity.

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'[...] charm, refinement, and virtuosity all wrapped into one album'
This is Classical Guitar

'The recording demonstrates the range of guitar music at a time when it was popular as a classical instrument.'
Lark Reviews

'The playing is superb throughout. Johan Löfving catches the Romantic idiom of the music perfectly through his sensitive use of rubato and the delicacy of his touch.'
Andrew Benson-Wilson (andrewbensonwilson.org)

'[...] a lovely exploration of the instrument's role in early 19th century music'
Planet Hugill

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